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The C&M Motors Advantage

Capital is a limited resource, and buying a fleet requires a huge investment. Our truck rental and lease customers understand the importance of putting their money to work in programs directly related to the growth and profitability of their businesses. The greatest advantage of a truck rental or a full service lease contract is knowing exactly what your monthly transportation expense will be.

Whatever your line of business, complex and changing tax codes complicate investment decisions. Fleet management is no different. At NationaLease, we make it our business to stay on top of tax changes to evaluate their impact on vehicle replacement and lease-versus-buy decisions, so you don’t have to.

Hino 338 Crane

Drive Down Cost with Full Service Leasing

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More and more private fleet operators are finding full service leasing to be the ideal solution for their needs. Our full service truck leasing program maximizes ease-of-entry and provides bottom line cost-savings.

With NationaLease of San Diego, full service leasing, we eliminate the headache of maintaining your vehicles. We include preventive maintenance, emergency roadside service, safety programs, permitting, licensing, vehicle washing, substitute vehicles, and more.

The financial benefits of a lease, when tied to its tax advantages, can actually make leasing a truck less expensive than owning. As a result, the $25 billion truck leasing industry has over one million leased vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

NationaLease of San Diego Full Service Truck Leasing delivers a host of benefits:

  • No down payment
  • 100% deductible payments
  • Improved cash flow management due to predictable transportation costs billed in one convenient monthly invoice
  • Improved fuel and equipment efficiency
  • 7,000 factory-trained technicians at your disposal
  • Increased driver safety
  • DOT, state or fuel audits, fleet logistics, staff management and safety programs, preventive maintenance, or emergency road service
  • We take care of your permitting and licensing, and even wash your trucks


Full service leasing has its advantages, and NationaLease of San Diego is here to make sure you capture those benefits. Our fleet leasing and operations experts can optimize your fleet maintenance and management so you can stay focused on the management, financial resources, and bottom line stability of your core business.

We’ll also handle your fleet logistics, staff management, preventive maintenance, emergency road service, safety programs, permitting and licensing, vehicle washing, substitute vehicles, fuel tax issues, and more.

Don’t need all of these services? No problem. Our menu-driven approach allows you to customize a truck leasing program that is right for you. We like giving our customers options. After an initial conversation to better understand your transportation needs, we’ll propose a comprehensive solution for your operation. Then you can choose exactly the services you want to contract.

We’ve been catering to the needs of individual private fleet operators for decades, and we welcome the opportunity to customize a solution specifically for you. Click here to learn about the NationaLease advantage.

Contact us today to see which option best works for you.

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