Medium Duty Trucks

C&M Motors Offers the Full Lineup of Hino Medium Duty Trucks


When you think of the variety of applications a medium duty truck can be used for, the possibilities are seemingly endless. C&M Motors offers a full line up of Hino medium duty trucks to fit almost any application.

Let’s look first at the 2020 Hino 195, that can serve as a delivery truck, a landscaper’s truck as well as being an awesome towing and recovery vehicle. With 210 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque and a six speed automatic transmission, and a GVW of 19,500, the 195 can wear many hats. The 195 is also available in a double cab configuration.

Second in the medium duty line up is the versatile Hino 238. A little beefier than the 195 with a GVW of 23,000, the 238 makes for an ideal moving and delivery truck but also fits the bill if you are looking for a truck that can hold an impressive cubic capacity of lighter weight materials. You will not find a more economical and low cost of ownership medium duty truck than the Hino 238.

Above the 25,000 GVW mark, Hino offers two amazing trucks. The Hino 258 and the Hino 268 are both prime towing and recovery trucks. With an intercooled and turbo charged engine that produces 520 lb-ft of torque, these two trucks offer the power, economy and versatility to also perform well as a delivery truck with a stake bed or install a tank and  transport liquids. Both models also feature the bullet proof six speed Allison transmission.

The largest offering from Hino in the medium duty truck line is the 338. With a GVW of 33,000 and an engine that produces 260 hp and an impressive 660 ft-lb of torque, the rugged 338 is just right for a variety of industries including beverage delivery, municipalities, construction, utilities, petroleum/gas delivery and waste/recycling.

Stop by one of C&M Motors locations and see which medium duty Hino truck is right for your applications and will help your business be more profitable. C&M has an experienced staff to help you make that decision.

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