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Business transportation needs are as various as the diversity of the industries. Every day produce, equipment and product are moved around the country. These require well-sized dry vans, box trucks, bobtails, or refrigerator trucks to load, haul, and unload the goods. Reliable, well-maintained equipment is the key to success. Trust your transportation needs to the experts at C&M Motors. For over 30 years they have been supplying businesses with the right truck at the right price.

The experienced professionals at C&M Motors will help you with all your transportation needs. From selecting the right truck size and body style additional equipment such as hand trucks, dollies, and harnesses that you might need. C&M Motors is your partner for dry van sales and rental in the San Diego area. From dry van bodies to bobtails to box trucks, they have you covered for all your transportation needs. Specializing in Medium Duty trucks with their impressive Hino line, C&M is your source for all size truck sales and rentals.

Each rental truck undergoes a rigorous inspection before rental and our trucks are carefully maintained as part of our truck maintenance program. You can rest assured that our dry van bodies are safe and in good mechanical condition.

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Quality Trucks and Tools

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Quality Hino trucks are the core of our fleet. They are diesel engines with automatic transmissions and come in a variety of sizes and carrying capacities. They start at 14 feet and include 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26 foot options. Stake beds are also available.

C&M trucks come in a wide variety of gate heights and can be equipped with underbed or top mounted bed boxes. The Tuck Away Liftgate is especially helpful for large items when there is no loading dock at either the pick up or deliver site. Since the truck beds are typically 4 feet off the ground, the Liftgate is an excellent addition to any dry van, bobtail, or box truck.

Take a look at our range of transportation options. C&M offers rentals, leasing, and purchasing plans with financing options available.

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