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New Trucks for Sale at C&M Motors

C&M Motors is your local San Diego area transportation specialist dedicated to providing consumers and businesses with new trucks. Our Hino line is America's fastest growing light and medium duty truck brand. These trucks are built with durability, efficiency, and reliability. They offer superior fuel economy and, combined with their reliability, they contribute significantly to bottom line profits. If you are searching for a revolutionary new truck, designed for hard work, safety, and comfort, the Hino line is an excellent choice.

Your new Hino truck is an incredibly reliable piece of machinery. Modern and hardworking, it is a sturdy vehicle with a hunger for long hard day of work. Take good care of it and it will serve your company for many years. Think of it as your employee on wheels. Take care of your employees and they work hard for you. Extract the most out of your employee on wheels; consider value, consider profits, consider Hino.

Hino has drawn on 50 years of experience in Australia, as well as our long- standing association with the Toyota Motor Company, to develop and offer, via a nationwide network of over 60 dealerships and service agents, our most comprehensive and innovative business customer care program.


The Ultimate New Truck Ownership Experience


Ready to revolutionize your business with a new truck? Comfort and beauty combined with reliability; that’s the Hino brand. They have made it their mission is to make the world a better place by helping move people and goods where they need to go. Their new trucks are safe, reliable, and offer an industry-leading warranty, including free roadside assistance and preventive maintenance coverage. The end result is peace of mind and profitability. Call C&M to learn more. We’re here to help you with your new truck journey, determined to deliver great customer care and a range of business advantages.

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